Shell and CHC continue partnership in Browse Basin

Shell Australia and CHC Helicopter Australia have announced the continuation of their successful partnership providing helicopter transportation services to the Prelude FLNG facility in the Browse Basin. The new agreement continues CHC’s six-year relationship with Shell in this monumental project development.

CHC will provide S-92 helicopters for crews and daily passenger transport and emergency flights between the Broome base and the Shell Prelude project.

CHC will provide Sikorsky S-92 helicopters and crews for daily passenger transport and emergency flights between the Broome base and the Shell Prelude project, which is located approximately 475 kilometers (295 miles) north north-east of Broome in Western Australia’s Kimberley region.

Refueling between Broome International Airport and Prelude will take place at Djarindjin Airport, which is owned and operated by the local Djarindjin Aboriginal Community.

CHC regional director for the Asia-Pacific Vince D’Rozario is proud of the relationship developed between Shell Australia and CHC and that this will be continuing.

“We are humbled that Shell has once again chosen CHC to be its partner as Prelude moves into the critical production phase,” said D’Rozario. “During the past six years, we have transported more than 50,000 passengers, and accrued over 10,000 flight hours while maintaining excellent safety and aircraft availability.

“In fact, we are very proud to have received the highest safety rating by Shell’s internal auditors, an unprecedented achievement. We have seen more than 1,000 days at Goal Zero and been recognized with numerous customer safety awards, all of which is testament to the teamwork and ongoing commitment of both Shell and CHC to do no harm to our people, the community or the environment. We are committed to continuing our partnership and further developing our safe, high-quality operation to Prelude.”

This article appeared in Vertical Magazine on 19th June 2019 and is reproduced in it’s entirety.

Dauphin – Improved landing gear control switch

Dauphin – Improved landing gear control switch

In the frame of the 2019 Top irritant resolution program for Dauphin aircraft (AS 365, AS 565 and EC 155), Airbus Helicopters proposes a new solution improving the reliability of the landing gear control switch.

The improvement consists in installing a new micro switch, which is a result of a new method used to reduce the adjustment range of the micro switch position relative to the hammer.


The upgrade does not lead to a modification or change of the part number. Its traceability is ensured through the serial number (SN): the new switches’ SN is greater than or equal to 3883. The parts are available in stock at Airbus Helicopters and can be immediately ordered through normal channels.


The repair of landing gear switches 894TS05NY, 894TS05N1Y, 895TS05NY, 895TS05N1Y was re-classified as D-Level and shall be performed in PART145-approved workshops only.


For more information, please refer to Information Notice No. 2955-I-32, contact your Technical Support / Representative or contact us at A&R Aviation to discuss further.